Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Strange Dream

I had a dream last night that I was in a hospital walking around...not sure why, but ok.  A nurse asked me to come and sit with an old woman who was going to die soon.  She was VERY old, she was all shriveled up and looked like a raisin.  She was raspy and barely able to talk and they said she would die within a few hours.  They were going to use some of her organs to save a middle aged man's life. 

I sat with her in silence for a while, listening as it got harder for her to breath.  I felt compelled to ask if she knew Jesus, but I was scared.  Scared of what though?  Just scared like I always am to ask someone this question.  I don't know what to say after, even though I know that the Holy Spirit can speak through me and give me words...I mean how many times has He given me the words to speak when my children ask difficult questions?  Have you ever had a time when you're talking about something Biblical that has confused you for a long time, and suddenly it clicks?  There can be no explanation for when it happens to me other than God suddenly and fantastically making it clear.

Finally, I asked her if she knew Jesus.  She perked up a little and said some of the usual stuff, He was a man, He did great things, but she didn't really know if He was God, it sounded too far fetched.  So we talked for a while and she asked hard questions, and I witnessed to her, and she came to know the truth.  Suddenly, she was a healthy 2 year old!  She looked just like herself, only 78 years younger.  Skin clear and pudgy and new, hair soft and blond instead of wiry and white.  I carried her around the hospital trying to find a nurse to see this strange thing that happened.  They were as confused as I was.

I woke up still completely confused and told my husband my dream.  He said "well did you miss the symbolism in your dream?  She was born again!" it makes sense!  She was a fresh new being.  Maybe God is trying to give me courage to take the plunge and just ask someone...I have someone in mind actually, and I know what the answer to the question will be.  I know this person is not saved, but I honestly don't know how to pursue the conversation.  This person is immersed in some scary stuff right now and the whole family could use prayer.  I've felt a strong calling to this person for over a year now, but I've been...afraid I guess.  I guess it feels confrontational to me to just ask point blank, and confrontational is NOT a word I'd use to describe myself.  I just keep waiting for this person to ask me questions, but maybe that will never happen and I need to be the one to initiate.  Any words of wisdom or encouragement?  You can comment here, or you can email me at hearmenurture (@) gmail (.) com.

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